'Bachelor' Recap: Courtney's 'Mean Girl' Act Is Winning

Ben Flajnik reminds me a lot of boys and men I dated as a kid. Unlike past Bachelor contestants, Flajnik feels very real. The way he grins at the women, it is clear he is like a kid in a candy store who can't believe his luck at being on this show.

Ben plays the sweet guy well. ** SPOILERS AHEAD***

When he sent Blakely home, I felt genuinely convinced that he cared and was sad. But then he makes other decisions that prove he is the hard core BACHELOR and in the end, he is a guy. He wants to have sex with the hottest girl in the room and that girl, I am sorry to say, is Courtney. How are these women really so dense?


Courtney does not do anything part of the way (so she announced). She skinny dipped with Ben last week and this week, she wore the native costume without a bikini beneath it. ABC made a huge deal of blurring out her breasts, though my guess is they were not nearly as visible as ABC would like us to believe.

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All the girls were catty and mean, explaining over how they would never act like such a tramp (my eyes! My word! I have the vapors!) and on and on. They sounded like old biddy grandmothers sitting around knitting. Courtney is right. These other women are crazy naive and it will cost them. 

For every time they say," this is just not what Ben wants, we should all get a dollar. We would be rich and they would STILL be wrong. Follow with me now: ALL men want a girl as hot as Courtney who is willing to get naked and prance about whispering loving things in their ears.

If you don't believe me, you are wrong. And you are one of the naive ones. Courtney will be in the top two, mark my words. And my guess? She will win this thing. And you know what? She deserves it.

She brought her A game to the table and she is outplaying these girls. In the end, it is a game and Courtney is in it to win it. So my hat's off to her. We can hate her or not hate her and she doesn't care either way and in the end, that's the kind of woman you have to respect.

She is the kind who gets what she wants and the girls who hate her are the ones sent home in limos. So guess who I would rather be?

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I am starting to root for Courtney because everyone else is the kind of sniveling, boring woman that men don't like anyway. So go Courtney. You deserve it.

Do you think Courtney is playing harder?


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