'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Brandi Doesn't Back Down for Anyone

Brandi GlanvilleIt was night number two of three in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. While most of it felt like the lull before the final storm of drama, there were some fiery moments. Most of them involved Brandi Glanville, and she pretty much trounced anyone who dared to take her on. 

She admitted that she has regrets from the season -- like taking a Xanax and getting drunk. She said it was mortifying watching it back, but that you just have to own it and move on, which is exactly what she did repeatedly tonight.

When asked about her barely there bikini in Hawaii she defended it, "That's who I am, and I'm not going to change myself for anyone," she said. "They're lucky I had a top on."  She also set mouths a droppin' when Andy asked her what the difference between sexy and slutty is, and she said slutty involves labia. Kyle Richards looked like she was going to choke.


Though on the show it appeared Brandi and Kyle had made up and moved on since the infamous game night, it was clear there's still much hostility between the two of them. Kyle refused to take responsibility for any involvement in the hiding of Brandi's crutches, even though she knew where they were, and Brandi rightly called her out for it. Brandi also refused to apologize for accusing Kim Richards of doing crystal meth.

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“Do I regret saying that specifically? Yes. But the truth is she was on something. She was in and out of the bathroom all night and she’s in rehab now, so clearly I wasn’t wrong.”

"You were wrong about what it was," Kyle said. Later when Kyle was talking about her sister Kim's addiction, Brandi chimed in that perhaps she had helped Kim to rehab by calling her out and putting her problem out there in the open. Kyle quickly squashed that notion. "It had nothing to do with you," she said curtly.

Brandi's real venom came out for Taylor Armstrong. "Wow, back off, Oklahoma," she said to her at one point. Brandi also -- in a weird attempt at defending Taylor's relationship with Lisa Vanderpump -- claimed that she had run into Russell Armstrong at one point before his death and that he told her that Taylor had him send the threatening e-mail to Camille and that he felt really bad about it because he really liked Camille.

That infuriated Taylor, who called Russell a master manipulator, then shot out to Brandi, "Eddie Cibrian says you slit his tires, is that true?"

"Yes, I owned them too," Brandi shot right back and described just how she did it. Like she said earlier, you just have to own it. Loved that, but then she started in on Taylor's book saying it had been only a "hot minute" since Russell's death and basically blasted her for going there.

To her credit, I think Brandi said what many of us are thinking, but still Taylor is so fragile, it was sad to see her feeble attempts to fight back against Brandi. Kyle came to her rescue and chastised Brandi for judging Taylor without walking in her shoes, and threw out a random slam, "You are Angry Spice."

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In the final minutes Taylor gave more details about Russell's death and his financial problems that are currently hers now since they were still married at the time of his death. She said there are people who think there's more to his death than they know and implied that she thinks someone else could be involved.

"It would give me great solace to think that this was at the hands of someone else as opposed to my husband being in such despair that he took his own life," she said. The final question of the night came from Andy Cohen: "So you think there’s a possibility that this could be a murder?"  Dun dun dun. Her answer next week, when this reunion wraps up, and we finally hear from Kim Richards.

What did you think of Brandi's behavior tonight -- too belligerent or ballsy? Which couch were you siding with -- Brandi's or Taylor's?

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