MIA Serves Up This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show Scandal (VIDEO)


Just when it seemed we might survive this year's Super Bowl entertainment with nary a nip slip or botched lyric to the National Anthem, rapper M.I.A. served up the scandal. Performing with Madonna and Nicki Minaj, she flipped the camera a not-so-subtle bird.

Right there on stage during the song "Give Me All Your Luvin'", the camera zoomed in on her, and she flipped off the world. The censors missed it, as did many viewers. But it was blatantly there. See for yourself after the jump.


No mistaking her message there, is there? But I'm kind of glad she did it. I know everyone is in L-U-V with Madonna's performance, but frankly I thought it was a little ... slow, and could use the spicing up.

I adore Madonna and have been a fan since her earliest days, so I hate to say it, but I just wasn't feeling her performance -- especially in the beginning. The Like a Prayer finale definitely picked things up, but for the first half, I just thought it was it was too obviously lip synched, and Madonna's dance moves kind of made me sad. They looked like something out of an elementary-level dance recital. Look, I think it's amazing that  at her age she still looks like she does and can move like she does, but that still doesn't mean her age doesn't show.

So having some young whippersnapper like M.I.A. step up and stir things up, was disrespectful and rude and all of that yes, but it's also something Madonna might have done in her younger days. And really, what's a Super Bowl without a little scandal? 

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What did you think of M.I.A.'s little stunt -- funny or disrespectful? What did you think of Madonna's performance?

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