Channing Tatum Made the Most of What He's Got on 'SNL'

channing tatumOkay, I'm just going to come out and say what most of us were thinking after watching The Vow star Channing Tatum on Saturday Night Live last night. The man is HOT, but he could not act his way out of a g-string. He is what they call a man of "limited talents." But oh those talents... I think SNL absolutely made the most out of what Channing has to offer. 

Channing made the big reveal in his opening monologue: Yes, before he became an actor he was a male stripper. And then he went on to gyrate his way through pretty much every sketch he was in. Well played, SNL. Well played.


SNL went literal with their strip club sketch, saving the best for last. (Although Jay Pharoah's next contract with SNL should stipulate wearing leather pants at least once an episode.) Channing's stripper bit was all too brief. But calloo callay, we saw much, much more of Channing in the "Getting Freaky with Cee Lo" sketch. His bongo-playing Mathew McConaughey was much appreciated. Yes, thank you for that, SNL.

Channing's performance kind of reminded me of when athletes host SNL. In fact, I kept forgetting that he's actually an actor. That's why my brain turned inside-out when he played Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. It was actually the exact performance we probably would have seen Tom himself give. Wait a minute -- maybe Channing does know how to act, after all?

Ha, only joking. Of course he doesn't. But does it even matter? Throughout movie history there has always been a place for handsome men who ooze hotliness and do little else onscreen. Maybe someday Channing will actually learn his "craft" -- or whatever. But in the meantime, I am totally okay with what he does now.

What did you think of Channing on SNL?


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