'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Is Scared to Death, and She Should Be

emily maynardEmily Maynard is the next Bachelorette, for now. There's still time ... she could back out. I'm kind of hoping she does because who in their right mind wants to be on the cheesiest of cheese reality shows? Again? Sounds like she's getting cold feet about her decision to return to the ABC series because she told People magazine that she's "scared to death" about the whole thing. AND WELL SHE SHOULD BE.

What was she thinking? Going back on the show is the worst idea I've heard since my mom suggested I "start saving more." Absolutely no good can come of this.


She was on Brad Womack's season, she "won" the damn thing, and it didn't work out. Why? Because it hardly ever works out. And when it does? You're giving People magazine interviews about how you're open to other reality show ideas (haha, hint hint TV execs!) to either stay relevant, or get paid. Both reasons are equally depressing.

Is that the life Emily wants? It's possible, but from her whole Brad sitch, it seems like she's a low-key girl who's not too fond of the spotlight. I suppose I have that all wrong, seeing as she's signed up to do it all over again, but something tells me this isn't the kind of existence she envisioned for herself and her daughter.

She's got every reason to be scared out of her mind because this show is going to put her life on a different trajectory. And once that ship has sailed, you cannot bring it back into port. Poor thing. I think she was tricked into becoming the Bachelorette because she just seemed too savvy otherwise to go for such a thing. But what's done is done.

Hope she doesn't end up regretting it.

Do you think Emily will be happy as The Bachelorette?


Photo via abc.com

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