'Bachelorette' Jen Schefft Finds Her Happy Ending Far From Reality TV

The Bachelor has a frighteningly low success rate in terms of the happiness of the couples that come off the show. But the people in the couples often go on to live their own happy endings off camera and the recent announcement that former Bachelor contestant (and Bachelorette herself) Jen Schefft is expecting baby number two with husband Joe Waterman is just like that.

Schefft was Andrew Firestone's pick back in the early days of The Bachelor and both Schefft and Firestone have gone on to find happiness with others. They got their marriages and their babies and their American dream. They just didn't get on television. And of course they didn't!

Who actually thinks this show works? With the exception of Trista Sutter, not one couple has actually met, become engaged, and married in a linear, happy fashion. Jason Mesnick did, but only after he picked the wrong girl and asked his second pick for a second chance.


The show is a disaster and if it would just admit what it really is -- a train wreck of wannabe fame whores looking to hook up, swap spit, and avoid their day jobs -- then maybe it would have more credibility.

Instead, season after season, it pretends to be about love. I don't even bother betting with my husband anymore on the longevity of these "relationships" formed on the show. They last weeks? Months? Sometimes even days. Then they end and a flurry of drama boosts ABC's rating again.

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Schefft at least stayed true to herself and to the process. She admitted she hadn't found love and chose no man. She walked away with her integrity intact, so why shouldn't she get her happy ending?

Looking at the lives after the show, we can also sort of understand how the show failed. Brad Womack is still single, Prince Borghese is still single, Alex Michel is still single. Come to think of it, most of the men have managed to stay single despite their early attempts at love. This is because they don't want love.

The few who have been in it for the right reasons have found their happy endings once the cameras went away. Is love impossible to find on TV? Maybe. It sure seems close to it. Luckily for Schefft, 99 percent of her life is being lived away from the media glare.

Her happy ending is the real deal.

Do you think people CAN find love on The Bachelor?


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