Santana & Brittany Finally Give 'Glee' Fans the Kiss They've Been Wanting

Brittany and Santana on 'Glee'After last week's Michael Jackson tribute episode, I don't know if it's possible for Glee to get any better. Seriously, so much juiciness is going on. Rachel and Finn's future together, Sam kissing Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel getting into NYADA ... my head's spinning just thinking about all of it! Doesn't it totally feel like everything that's been building up over the last 11 episodes is literally bursting at the seems?

With all of the craziness, it feels like my favorite couple on the show, Brittany and Santana, have been given a bit of the cold shoulder. The good news? Not for long! If you're a Brittana fan, I have some solid news for you. It has something to do with the Valentine's Day episode. Pucker up, ladies!

** Obvious spoilers ahead.


Yup, according to E! online, Santana and Brittany are so totally going to make out. FINALLY!

First, I think it's important for me to clarify that I'm not all hot and bothered about the actual kiss, but for what it stands for. We watched Kurt and Blaine get physical back in "The First Time" episode, and I think it's time for the lesbians to have a chance. Glee has done such an amazing job shining a positive light on the gay community, and I say that the more they incorporate some same-sex lovin' into the storyline, the better.

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Not for nothing, but everyone else has a whole lot of romantic storyline going on lately, so it's about time that these girls do too. It's only appropriate that the in-love Cheerios have a little snuggle time in honor of the Hallmark holiday.

I'm just super interested in how they'll celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe a trip to Breadsticks? Or another swim in McKinley's pool? Who knows, my friends. One thing's for sure: whenever Santana's involved, things are bound to get a little spicy.

Are you excited to see Santana and Britt's big smooch?


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