Jamie Lynn Spears Could Be Best Thing for 'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2Behold the power of social media! Not only can it convince a major non-profit to reverse a completely ridiculous decision, but it can bring famous teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears and Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska together. And now for the real test.

Is it possible that this social media fueled friendship might just be the key to the sweet Houska finally getting the gumption to kick her deadbeat loser baby daddy out the door for good? Now that would be a miracle worth Tweeting about!


Jamie Lynn has been busy trying to follow big sister Britney Spears in the music biz, but she apparently had enough time on her hands to watch Tuesday night's episode of the MTV reality show. She later took to Twitter to give Houska a shout-out:

I think @ChelseaHouska is sooo damn pretty... Way too pretty to be crying over (whatever his name is)!!!

What's-his-name is, of course, Adam Lind, father of Chelsea's little girl Aubree and all-around jerk who has cheated on her countless times ... seemingly so he can throw his infidelity in her face. Excuse the armchair psychology here, but every time I watch Chelsea go crawling back to him, I see a sweet girl with a very sad lack of self-esteem. She obviously loves her daughter, but she doesn't love herself. And if you don't believe me, tweets like this one are very telling:

Is it weird that it makes me feel uncomfortable when a guy compliments me? :/

But a burgeoning friendship with Spears -- who is talking about a playdate between 2-year-old Aubree and her own 3-year-old daughter Maddie -- is good for Chelsea. Jamie Lynn is no longer with one-time fiance Casey Aldridge, and she's actually doing something with her life -- working, advocating for birth control, and doing a good job of raising her daughter. She's walking, talking proof that Chelsea will be better off without Adam than she can even imagine.

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