'Jersey Shore' Recap: Mike Is Seriously Losing It

http://www.mtv.com/photos/jersey-shore-season-5-ep-5-flipbook/1678446/6874980/photo.jhtmlVinny was back in the house, and all was right in the Jersey Shore world tonight ... which means it was so incredibly wrong. First up was Snooki and her UTI or pregnancy -- she figured one or the other was responsible for her peeing herself on the dance floor. Oops, party foul, times 10! But no biggie, it wasn't anything that some perfume sprayed up her skirt in the bathroom and a few tequila shots couldn’t handle.

As if that plus the warm beer game (hilarious!) and the horny humping bunny weren’t insane enough for tonight’s episode, there was Mike, the psycho "Situation" that he is. Oh, for a couple of episodes he tried to be nice and pretend he had turned over a new leaf, but tonight that leaf was long gone.


It was almost scary really. After a day of drinking, he seemed to have stewed over a joke Ronnie had made about him being so nice and wondering if he was like a terrorist or something. Mike laughed at the time but then somehow internalized it, blew it up, and freaked the hell out.

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He was a big mix of conspiracy theory, apologetic ranting, and a bunch of blabbering that made little sense as he tried to confront the roommates. Of course, who could really concentrate on what he was saying when his pants were falling down and his junk was hanging out. Totally out to the point that the cameras had to blur it out. "Oh my God you're drawers are down," Jenni said when she came up on the deck and saw him mid-rant. He didn't even flinch ... or pull up his pants.

I guess he was drunk or on something. He had to be ... though he didn’t act that much differently the next day. Maybe he's killed so many brain cells from all of the partying that this is just who he is now.

He kept trying to sleuth out his conspiracy theory about someone trying to take him down, and in the final few minutes decided he was wrong all along. It wasn’t any of the guys, it was ... Snooki. She and Deena are the only two that can stomach Mike, and now he’s going to torch that bridge when he goes and tells Jionni about him and Snooki out of revenge for ... something he can’t exactly put his finger on.

He’s a scary Situation, and it’s really time for him to grow up, save any remaining brain cells he has, and get a grip. Because it’s more than clear that he’s starting to slip.

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Most disturbing moment of the night: Snooki and Deena admitting they don’t wash their hands after they pee.

Best quote of the night: “You pee outside and drink from bowls. We don’t need pets.” -- Pauly D of Snooki and Deena

Runner up best quote: “You look like a walking party.” -- Deena to Snooki

What did you think of Mike’s behavior tonight?


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