'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard to Consider Bad Boy Bentley -- Is She Nuts?

Emily Maynard is one of the most beloved bachelorettes in Bachelor history. The Southern girl with a daughter at home and a tragic tale to tell won the hearts of both Brad Womack and thousands of viewers. But now that she is The Bachelorette, she is making some waves that many will not like.

The fan favorite has admitted that she would actually consider dating Bentley Williams, the uber bad boy who publicly humiliated poor Ashley Hebert and said absolutely awful things about her. "Never say never," Emily told People magazine, which almost guarantees that the bad boy who admitted he was crushing on Emily will be back this season.

So what kind of "friend" is she to Ashley? This isn't a move someone who is a good friend pulls.


Though Emily and Ashley were once competing for Womack's heart, they have recently only had good things to say about one another. Maynard was publicly very critical of Bentley even as he spoke of being more or less in love with her.

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Still, it's just bad form to date a person who treated a "friend" so badly. It's also bad PR. Even if you believe all is fair in love and war and that Ashley and Emily weren't all that close, it's still just not a great idea.

Thus far, Emily has said some things that make me wonder about her. The truth is, pretty much everyone who goes on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette does so for the "wrong reasons." Most people want to be famous and, sadly, I doubt Emily is any different. So why bother throwing even someone who is NOT a good friend under the bus? For ratings?

I'll admit, as a longtime Bachelor fan, I would watch Bentley try for Emily with glee. Maybe Ashley is already aware this is just how ABC rolls and she won't be offended. My guess? That is exactly what is happening here.

Bentley will come on the show for ratings and Emily will smack him down. Who wants to bet me on this?

Do you think Emily will date Bentley?


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