Suzanne Somers & Joyce DeWitt 'Three's Company' Reunion Stirs Tears & Memories (VIDEO)

joyce dewitt suzanne somersFor those of us who grew up watching Three's Company, the decades-long, off-screen silence between Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt was always kind of a thorn in our collective TV audience side. It made watching reruns of the hit '70s sitcom bittersweet (a feeling that only intensified once John Ritter passed away so suddenly). So to see Somers and DeWitt finally reunite on the web series Suzanne Somers Breaking Through! -- after 30 years of not speaking -- is like taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster ...

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream ... and at the end, you'll be ready to do it all over again.


What really struck me about Somers and DeWitt in making-up mode was how sincere and self-aware both women seemed. What a valuable lesson, to watch two people let go of their differences after so long. Older and wiser, sitting face-to-face, it was as if their bond had never been broken. Their genuine affection for each other appeared to just cancel out any lingering grievances.

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Whether Somers and DeWitt's reconnection says more about the power of old friendship or time healing all wounds or the wisdom that comes with age, I'm not sure.

Maybe the message is this: It's never too late for true friends.

Just look at those smiles!

joyce dewitt suzanne somers

And the way they look at each other, like long-lost sisters ...

joyce dewitt suzanne somers

If only John Ritter could have been there to see his co-stars back in each other's good company!

You can watch the first part of the reunion here:

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Were you a Three's Company fan? What was your favorite episode?

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