‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Drug Rumors Have Gotta Be False

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2There are rumors about the stars of Teen Mom 2 that make you laugh. There are rumors that make you cry. And then there are the rumors that leave you screaming, "Please, don't let it be true!" File the latest about Chelsea Houska under the latter.

"Sources" were telling the tabloids that the South Dakota mom was a pill-popper who put daughter Aubree to bed every night just in time to flush a sleeping pill down with a big glass of wine. Other times, they were saying she'd take the pills with the little girl right there. And to make matters even worse, the claims were the reality star was getting her Ambien from a friend rather than a doctor's prescription. Yikes!


The good news is Chelsea is vehemently denying everything. She took to Twitter several times during the night refute the allegations, but this swipe really drove home how disturbing this kind of rumor is:

This is entirely false&digusting @hollywoodlifeRT @mommycourtneyy: @ChelseaHouska where do they get stupid rumors from?

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Let's be clear: this wasn't your run of the mill rumor. An allegation that a mom is getting herself so wasted she cannot care for her child is essentially a claim of child abuse. The laws vary by state, but if you are parenting while under the influence and something happens to your kid, there are precedents for child endangerment charges at the very least.

That's not funny. It's vicious.

From what I've seen of her, Houska does not seem the type to neglect her child. I may not agree with her choices (please, for the love of Mike, would she find some respect for herself and tell that loser boyfriend where to stuff it for GOOD?), but Aubree always appears dressed, clean, healthy, and loved. Even the problems with Adam come back to Chelsea trying to do what she thinks is right for her little girl: trying to give her a "family."

What do you think about Chelsea as a mom? Are these rumors particularly cruel or just what reality stars have to deal with?


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