'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Season Finale Recap: Hattie's Heartwarming Arrival

Tori SpellingEach week as I’ve written the recap for this season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, I’ve been pretty much a sappy, mushy pile of glow for this family. Tonight was the season finale, and I see no reason to change my tune. What can I say? They make me smile, and there are few shows that leave me as hopeful and happy as this one does. I love all the drama and scandal of most reality television, but we can all use some feel-good programming once in awhile, and tonight’s episode was a big dose of it.

In the final days leading up to Hattie Margaret’s birth, we saw Tori planning her own baby shower for her friends (she gave the gifts to charity), and figuring how to move her family into a new home. She spent time with each of her children alone and tried to prepare them as best she could for the major way in which their lives were about to change.


Though convinced she was having a boy, she was secretly wishing for a girl. And her wish came true.

“It’s a baby girl! It’s a baby girl!” Dean told her as the doctors finished performing her C-section. Tori was shocked, in the best possible way, and her joy was contagious. Seeing that little tiny baby and all of those first moments brought back so many of my own memories with my children, and I was crying right along with Tori.

“It’s the best present you could ever have in life. It’s the biggest blessing,” she said of having her new daughter there skin-to-skin beside her. Then Stella and Liam came in, and they all went home to their new downsized home on lots of property with loads of animals, and it was all just so lovely

Of course, it’s television, and I know they have struggles just like everyone else. They’re selling us only part of their story, I get it. But for once it’s nice to buy something that’s worth striving for instead something that makes us fear for the future of mankind.

What did you think of the finale of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

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