'Teen Mom' Recap: Jenelle Proves Truth About Marijuana

This was a very sad episode of MTV's Teen Mom. Some of the things we have been hearing about in the tabloids in the past few months were finally filmed by the show. They were just as heartbreaking as one might have imagined.

It was clear exactly where the marriage of Corey and Leah is headed. Corey's insistence on not moving with Leah into their new home only means one thing for the family. Of course most of us already know the truth about what happened to them. It's a very sad story and watching it unfold was even worse. The reality of why they broke up is clear, but as a viewer, it's hard to see where they went so wrong and not be able to help.

Simply put: They were too young. Their friends can't give good advice because they don't relate and their sense of compromise and love aren't yet fully developed. Of course, this can often be the problem with watching this show, period.


Watching Jenelle get probation at court and also knowing what happens after -- more drama, more fights, more mess -- it was difficult to have much sympathy for the girl. But one place I do have some sympathy is her drug addiction. Yes, that's right, her drug addiction.

I grew up (like many of us) hearing that marijuana wasn't an addictive drug. And this is true. Sort of. It's not PHYSICALLY addictive like heroin or cocaine or any number of other scary narcotics. But it's emotionally addictive for sure.

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One needs to look no further than Jenelle, sitting despondent in her car with Kieffer, sobbing because she won't be able to go home and "smoke a blunt" to make herself feel better. Seriously, the girl has a raging drug problem and all MTV can do is sit and film.

They ought to be ashamed. This girl needs rehab, counseling, and good medication prescribed by a doctor so she can stop self-medicating with pot. There is nothing wrong with smoking a little marijuana in moderation, but Jenelle has gone way beyond that.

By airing all this footage, MTV has pretty much assured Jenelle that she will not have a very bright future. Who would hire her? Accept her into a good college? Even marry her? All this footage is making her look really bad and I feel for her. Some of her problems are really not her fault.

She is clearly in deep emotional pain and it's way beyond entertaining now. Jenelle needs help in a serious way and all MTV is doing is filming her downward spiral.

Do you think Jenelle needs more help than MTV can give her?


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