'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Part 1 Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Takes a Beating

Lisa VanderpumpAnd things looked so lovely between the ladies when we left them in the finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It quickly became evident, however, that they've been repressing plenty of pent up problems with one another that they let loose tonight on part one of the reunion show. Most of the wrath was aimed at Lisa Vanderpump.

From Andy Cohen pressing her about her donkey booty (she denied getting implants) to poking fun at her for wearing a tiara at her daughter’s wedding, Lisa took a beating ... especially from Adrienne Maloof. "Once a princess, always a princess," she chimed in. Clearly we saw some tension this season between the two, but tonight showed just how deep that tensions runs ... about some pretty petty things.


Adrienne echoed a steady refrain of “that’s not nice” when Lisa’s infractions were brought up. Of Adrienne calling her dog Jackpot “Crackpot” on Twitter: "That’s not nice." Of Lisa calling her shoes the Maloof Hoof: "That’s not nice." Of course, Lisa didn’t do herself any favors when she attempted to make things better by calling the shoe Adrienne was wearing a cute, “little fat shoe.” That wasn't deemed nice either.

Whether Lisa deserved the women's wrath or not, it’s hard to tell. She is pretty snarky and her wit is dry, but she’s usually pretty funny. She certainly comes off a little high and mighty sometimes, but I’m not convinced that her intentions are all that bad.

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Kyle Richards nailed it when she said her humor is sometimes a bit condescending. She also said that being her friend is “like being in a chess match with Bobby Fisher. You have to watch every move. ”  

Even when Lisa tried to apologize, the women didn’t like it. “It’s the way you’re doing it, Lisa,” Kyle said. Brandi Glanville told RadarOnline earlier today that the women all decided to gang up on Lisa before the show, and after watching, I wouldn't rule that possibility out.

Incidentally, later in the show, Adrienne really went after Lisa with claims that she sold stories for money to RadarOnline. Lisa vehemently denied doing so, swearing on her life and children that she never did such a thing. Still Adrienne didn’t believe her, and Lisa was beyond offended. “I find that such a character assassination,” she said.

Good thing they're not neighbors anymore.

They also delved into Taylor Armstrong’s situation. Andy asked her why she’d want to be on a reality show when she was in an abusive relationship, and she said it was because she thought it might protect her in some way. Adrienne later said she believes the show saved Taylor's life. When asked why an abuser like Russell would agree to be on the show, Taylor said she thought it had to do with his narcissistic personality.  

In a desperately sad comment, she said she misses the abuse in a way. “I was so used to having someone there telling me what I can and can’t do. I feel like I’m dangling now.” Camille said she could relate, not to the physical abuse, but to the emotional control.

Brandi Glanville came out in the final few minutes with guns blazing. Unfortunately she didn’t get much out this session, but there are two more sessions to go to see what she’s packing.

Did you think the women were too hard on Lisa Vanderpump tonight? What did you think of the reunion in general?

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