Hey 'Three's Company' Fans, Suzanne Somers Is Telling All & Teasing an Awesome Reunion (VIDEO)

suzanne somers talks to Tom Hill TV Land about Three's CompanySuzanne Somers is about to give Three's Company fans a much-anticipated treat they've been waiting more than 30 YEARS for! The actress, who became well-known for her role as the daffy blonde Chrissy Snow, will reunite with her former co-star Joyce DeWitt on Suzanne Somers Breaking Through on CafeMom Studios' YouTube Channel this coming Thursday! 

But in the meantime, Somers sat down to chat with TV Land's Vice President and Creative Director Tom Hill to talk about the show and the impact it made on pop culture. As Hill says in their one-on-one, Three's Company has been a bedrock of classic TV comedy.


And that definitely has to do with the fact that fans can watch it over and over, know what's going to happen, and "that's satisfying," as Hill puts it. I'm sure it also doesn't hurt that the show was always reliably goofy. Or that the writing wasn't so much topical as it was about silly slapstick and the characters. Fans always knew they could expect Somers to be the snorting blonde, DeWitt to be her intelligent, reliable foil, and Ritter to be the clumsy, klutzy, warmhearted guy.

Seems like Somers loved some of the very same things fans do to this day. Here's the episode in which she takes a look back ...   

I love Suzanne's admission that she totally "believed" that she was Chrissy, and that she was the most "complete character" she created. The actress really seems proud of her performance and the show itself, as she should be. Also, how cool is it that that Newsweek cover is going into the Smithsonian? Obviously, the show has made a mark on TV history.

And speaking of TV history, Suzanne and Joyce are sure to make even more of it when they reunite this Thursday!

Want to get more of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through? Check out the new video series on the CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel! A new episode will appear every Thursday, but you can subscribe right there in case you forget!

Were you a Three's Company fan? Are you looking forward to Suzanne and Joyce's reunion?

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