'Downton Abbey': Did Daisy Do the Right Thing? (VIDEO)

daisy downton abbeyI'd heard a rumor that Downton Abbey was going to be a tearjerker and so I sort of guessed what was coming -- what with the war and all. I knew Matthew Crawley would be okay because his character is crucial to the plot. He and Mary have a lot of unfinished business so they couldn't exactly kill him off.

So I wasn't really all that surprised at where the story went.

[spoiler alert]


William Mason, the footman, is wounded in battle. He lives long enough to make it back to die in the comfort of Downton Abbey -- thanks to some finagling by the soft-hearted tough cookie Lady Violet. When he's told he doesn't have long to live, he wants not only to see Daisy, his fiancee, but to marry her.

Daisy has never really been in love with William but agreed to marry him before he went off to war at the prodding of Mrs. Patmore, the cook, who said Daisy had to give him something to fight for. The idea was that when William returned from the war, Daisy could come clean or, presumably, that if William died in battle, she'd be relieved of her promise to wed him as well.

Unfortunately for Daisy, the worst happened. William lived long enough to make it home and wanted to marry her on his deathbed. Daisy was torn. She didn't want to go on with the charade any longer. She felt it was a lie and it was unkind to marry William. She thought the honorable thing would be to reveal her true feelings -- she didn't love him -- before he died.

William was anxious to marry Daisy because once he died, she would be a war widow and she would be entitled to his pension. He wanted to make sure Daisy would be taken care of, at least a little, after he was gone.

Poor, prim Daisy was conflicted. Mrs. Patmore continued to push her to marry William and said she shouldn't let him know she didn't love him. After all, he'd be dead soon. Why not let him die happy? He didn't have to know the truth about Daisy's feelings. William's father told Daisy she was the most important thing in the world to William. Talk about pressure.

Daisy ultimately went through with the marriage, which literally took place on William's deathbed with the downstairs staff in attendance as guests. Lady Violet, who did some more finagling on William's behalf to get the Vicar to agree to perform the ceremony, was also at the wedding, sniffling (she said she had a cold).

The marriage kiss between Daisy and William was quite sweet and seemed heartfelt on Daisy's part. And once she wore his ring, she did take on the part of the dutiful wife and sat by William's bedside all night without sleep, until he died in the morning.

The question is: Did Daisy do the right thing? She married a man who she didn't really love and let him die thinking she did. At the same time, she married a man who loved her and she let him die a happy -- though clueless -- man.

I really felt for Daisy. But I do think that she ultimately made a very brave decision. In the end, she put William's feelings above her own to make him happy. And really, isn't that what love is all about?

If you missed it or want to see it again, here's the wedding scene:

Do you think Daisy did the right thing in marrying William or do you think she should have been honest with him about her feelings?


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