'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Hospitalization Should Wake Up MTV

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is one of the most incredibly messed up people in reality show history. She had a baby before she turned 20, she is openly obsessed with smoking pot, her baby daddy is in jail, and her current on-again, off-again romance is a train wreck. If you factor in her horrible relationship with her mom, loss of custody of her son, and the number of physical altercations she has had on camera and off, you see a messy, messy life. Now it's even worse.

It seems Jenelle was recently hospitalized with a kidney infection, which can be very serious, indeed. She also suggested on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. If that is true (and either way, really), Jenelle is in real trouble.

This isn't funny, drama MTV stuff. This is a cry for help and this girl needs care and love, not television.


Jenelle has had a tough life, but even more than that, she is having a tough life right now. Things aren't good for her. She doesn't need the strain of TV and the spotlight.

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Seriously, MTV. Enough is enough. Let's let Jenelle off the hook, do the right thing and take her out of Teen Mom 2. At this point, MTV just looks bad.

This is a young woman with serious mental and emotional problems. She needs a therapist and guidance, not Dr. Drew and cameras pointed at her every move. This has gone way beyond bad decisions and amusing drama. This is now exploitation of a very sick young woman.

MTV needs to know when to quit. Both Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans need to be taken off these shows. To keep them on is just plain irresponsible and needs to be changed immediately.

Evans has shown she can't make responsible decisions and having her on the show puts everyone in the bad position of feeling like we are judging her (because, in my case, it's my job) and feeling like we want to help.

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In the end, the best thing for Jenelle would be to take the spotlight off her and let her recover on her own time in her own way. MTV loves her because she gives them great ratings. They are using her and it's wrong.

Do you think Jenelle needs to be off the show?


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