'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Finally Learning to Save Herself

Amber Portwood LeahLeave it to Amber Portwood to make losing in court sound like a win. The troubled star of MTV's Teen Mom learned this week that a judge is siding with her landlord in a feud over their lease agreement. For most of us, this would be bad news.

Instead Portwood is celebrating the fact that the landlord can't technically evict her! When you're sitting in jail on a probation violation and facing felony charges of possession of a controlled substance, it's the little things, folks.


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Apparently before Amber was hauled off to jail in December, she saw the writing on the wall and took the time to move her belongings out of her rental. You can't evict someone who doesn't live there. Could the girl who spends much of her screen time blaming the rest of the world for her problems have finally gotten a clue that she controls her own destiny?

I don't think Amber has gotten her controversial reputation because she is one of the biggest screw-ups on TV. Most of us are willing to give her a pass because she's obviously had a very tough road. She was just a baby having a baby! She was bound to fall down at least a few times along the way.

No, we dislike her because she never seems to take responsibility for her own actions. Like fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, who has been shooting her mouth off this week that her legal troubles are really just because people are spiteful, Amber has a history of passing the buck. But eventually, she's going to have to stop. She, not anyone else, is responsible for meeting the requirements of her probation. She, not anyone else, is responsible for how she acts on camera. She, not anyone else, is responsible for whether she decides to clean up her act.

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But she also has the best reason in the world to face her problems. She can be a good mom to little Leah. She just has to make the choice to do it.

Do you see Amber Portwood ever stepping up to the plate for Leah?


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