'Jersey Shore' Recap: Gym, Tan, Get Vinny Back

Vinny's tattooTo say Vinny’s departure from the Jersey Shore house left the roommates sad would be an understatement as gross as saying that the bed in the smush room is a little disgusting. Tonight we saw the rest of the crew mope, moan, and flounder around in a big funk of their own.

Of course they still managed to party. It would take a lot more than overwhelming sadness to stop them from going out, getting wasted, and hooking up. Though what that might be, I can't imagine.

To kick things off, the girls threw a surprise birthday party for Pauly D and Mike, who they did include this time, so at least he wasn’t moping about being left out. There was a boob cake, an ass cake, and strippers jumping out of cakes. Mike even took one stripper -- whose name he couldn’t remember – home. That didn’t work out so well after she had a problem with socks that didn’t match, but at least Pauly D got his share of birthday sex, so it wasn't a total bust.


So yeah, they had a few laughs. But Vinny’s absence left a glaring hole that just couldn’t be filled, even with scary bunny costumes. So they decided to throw caution (and Vinny’s well being) to the wind, and they went to Staten Island to get him back. It was Mission Free Vinny.

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Only Vinny already was free, and of his own free will, he chose to move back to take care of his mental health and anxiety issues. He knew he needed to escape the house to help himself heal, and he told the roommates that when he left. They couldn’t have cared less about any of that, though; they just wanted their partying buddy back.

So off they selfishly went to get him with a surprise attack. He surprised them all with a big new tattoo across his chest that read, “Let Go, Let God.” No one got it ("Looks cool. No f---ing idea what it means," Ronnie said), but hell, it looked cool, so it was time to whisk him off and party it up.

On one hand, it was a relief, because all of that sadness was way too depressing to watch. But it was also really disappointing to see Vinny go with them. He put his mental health first when he left, but by going back, he’s putting it in the backseat again. And he caved so soon. I figured it was inevitable he'd eventually go back, but it’s only been two weeks. He didn't even seem convinced he was ready to go back:

Am I 100 percent? I don’t think so. I think I’m ready to make the next step and work hard while I’m at the shore.

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Because that worked so well before? Hopefully he’ll be strong enough to do it, but I have my doubts. And from the look of his poor mom's face when he left, she did too.

Were you surprised and/or disappointed to see Vinny come back so soon?


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