'Teen Mom' Leah Messer IS a Good Mom

Maybe it's because the news of her miscarriage really kind of broke my heart, but the news that Teen Mom Leah Messer is entering her girls in a beauty pageant really seems more like non-news to me. The pageant is for charity and it's hardly as if Aleeah and Aliannah are being exploited. They are 2 years old. Let's lay off a bit.

Among the teen moms on the show, the reality is Messer is one of the better moms. She clearly adores her girls and wants the best for them. We may not always agree with her methods, but we can all agree she loves her babies.

So why are people gossiping about this decision like it's great dirt on the teen mom?


Maybe on some level, it makes us feel better about our own parenting to think she is a terrible mom. In fact, maybe that is the entire appeal of Teen Mom, period.

As long as Leah and Corey are getting divorced and Jenelle Evans is beating up her friends and Amber Portwood is in jail, we are all better parents.

Never mind that these girls are real people and it's their real lives we are watching. It's always nice to have someone to hold up and say, "Well, at least I'm not them." Lord knows these girls are asking for it, but we can't make fun of everything they do or say every decision is a bad one.

This is no weirder than any mom choosing to refocus her energy on her kids after a disappointing or tragic event in her life. There is some irony to me writing this while also saying let's leave her alone, but the truth is, like it or not, Messer IS a public figure. Bloggers and writers will comment on her life. But that doesn't mean that everything has to be bad.

The fact is Leah is a good mom. If she chooses to enter into a baby beauty pageant in the name of charity and share that with her girls, who are we to judge? She is trying to do the right thing for her children and she clearly loves them more than anything. She is absolutely one of the better moms on the show.

So even though baby beauty pageants might not be my cup of tea, no one should begrudge Leah the right to do as she pleases with her children. She isn't hurting anyone. She has found a way to preoccupy her mind while she grieves.

This is healthy. My heart goes out to her.

Do you judge Leah's decision to put her girls in a pageant?


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