'Real Housewives' Adrienne Maloof Promises Reunion Drama (Exclusive Interview)

Adrienne MaloofAs The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills concluded this week, there's been plenty of looking back at the landmark season. Though the finale was tame, it was a season filled with contention, controversy, and even a couple of cat fights. It's one that took reality television where it had never gone before, and many thought it had no business going after the suicide death of Russell Armstrong.

As we gear up for the reunion next week, we caught up with Adrienne Maloof from the cast to talk to her about this controversial season, find out if she has any regrets about what went down, and get some inside scoop on her personal life. Most importantly, we wanted some reassurance that since everyone seemed so peaceful on the finale that there would at least be a little heat to make it worth watching. Here's what she had to say:


Why did you join The Real Housewives?

I saw RHOBH as a great opportunity, a platform I could use to focus on businesses I've always wanted to get into, as well as bring attention to my philanthropic causes.

Are you glad you did? Any regrets?

I have no regrets! It's been an amazing run so far, and it's even given me the opportunity to do something I love: pursuing and designing my own shoe line. 

We never see your children on the show. Was this a conscious decision you made when you joined the cast?

My husband [facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif] and I decided that they were too young for that kind of exposure. If, someday, they want to go into the industry, then we would certainly support that -- but it needs to be their own choice.

How do you juggle your busy career and family life? Any advice for other working moms?

Family and kids come first, absolutely and at all times. I schedule around my family. It definitely isn't easy, but I do my best. Advice: write everything down. Being organized is so, so key. I keep my day book handy at all times.

How has your marriage been affected by the show?

Cameras all day long can make it a challenge -- they add stress and tend to heighten situations -- but at the end of the day, we still share the same mutual love and respect we always have.

Did you agree with Bravo's decision to include Russell Armstrong and his issues on this season?

I do agree. That story needed to be told, and I think it's valuable to get insight as to what went on. Life is far from perfect, and the footage has brought a lot of issues to the fore. The entire situation has started a lot of important conversations.

What can you tell us about your cast mates that we would be surprised to know?

We may have drama, but we know how to come full circle and root for each other -- we do our best to be each other's biggest advocates. 

What are we in for with the reunion?

Of course, the reunion brings dramatics, but also real issues and real stories. The reason, I think, that our show is so unique is that it hits close to home for a lot of people. It's real women, dealing with real issues. Our lives might look different, but the emotional realities are absolutely the same.

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