'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Recap: Tori Is Truly Happy

Tori SpellingFor all of the taunting, teasing, and family tension Tori Spelling has been through in her life, it’s great to see her happy these days. And wow, was that happiness evident on tonight’s penultimate episode of this season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. It was love, reunions, and tears (the good kind) galore.

From Tori getting a pedicure with her daughter Stella to the extravagant Hello Kitty birthday party she threw for her, it’s so clear that Tori adores her children. And now that she gets to share that love with her formerly estranged mother, Candy Spelling, it’s just even sweeter to watch.


Candy seems like an amazing grandmother and is so thoughtful. Giving Stella Tori’s old dollhouse really touched Tori, as did the gift of her late father’s typewriter later in the show. When Tori got into a minor accident after a paparazzi chased her, it was Candy who went to the hospital with her.  

Feeling all of that reconnected family love, Tori really encouraged Dean to reunite with two of his sisters from whom he’s been estranged. There was no real reason given as to why they had a falling out beyond the fact that they were all stubborn, but it has been going on for awhile as they've never met Stella.

So after a sweet visit with the kids to the Christmas tree farm where Dean proposed to Tori, they headed to the home of his sister, Dana. Soon all was forgotten, and his other sister Dawn showed up to join the reunion as well. Bygones were bygones.

In the final scene, Tori was overwhelmed with emotion over all the love the baby she’s carrying will experience from birth. After all of these years, all of their family members are reunited, and the new baby will have quite a different experience than Liam and Stella did.

It was all so happy, it could have been sappy. But because Tori seems to genuinely realize how lucky she is and is so grateful for everything she has, it just makes us smile instead. Next week is the finale and the birth of little Hattie Margaret. More happiness ahead!

Were you able to stop smiling during this episode of Tori and Dean? Do you think they're as happy as they appear?

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