'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah & Corey Need to Grow Up

The moms on Teen Mom live really depressing lives for the most part and they don't really show signs of improving. One of the hardest parts of watching this show is watching these girls make mistake after mistake and not ever learning from them.

Tonight, the biggest issue for all the girls was money, which does beg a question: Where is the money MTV is giving them? The fact is, when you have a baby before you even finish high school, it's going to be a financial struggle. But MTV is paying these girls handsomely. So where is that going?

Every single one of these girls has major money problems right now with Leah probably getting the worst of it.


The house/trailer she is living in is totally inadequate for her family in many ways. The bathtub where she bathes her children is in the freezing cold basement with a water spigot that comes from the ceiling. If I were her, I would want a new house, too. In this case, Corey is right, though.

If they can't afford a new house, they shouldn't be buying one. Period. End of story. It makes no sense to move before Corey is ready. Leah is acting a bit immature about the whole thing. The whole point of being married is having to make compromises.

She can't decide unilaterally that they are moving without Corey. The house isn't worse than the marriage! Come on! Granted, she is under 20 and this is why, generally, younger people shouldn't be married. They are simply too selfish. This isn't to say Corey is being 100 percent correct either, but neither is REALLY listening to the other, which is likely why their marriage failed in the end.

Of course, they aren't the only ones who are acting childish about money. Jo is also fighting Kailyn on child support and claiming he can't afford $480ish a month. I feel for Jo. Dads really do get screwed on child support. The numbers almost seem arbitrary sometimes and don't take into account a dad's other expenses. I get that it's for the child, but the dads are human, too. They also need money to live.

Still, in Jo's case, he lives at home, works full time, and has no other expenses than his son and his "music." In his case, he is being a big baby.

Meanwhile Chelsea's money issues may be solved by her new job. It's a step in the right direction -- she wants to go into beauty and she is working at a tanning salon -- and may help her get some financial independence from her dad. Adam finally dumped her, too, so let's hope she is moving in a better direction.

Not to be outdone, Jenelle is, as per usual, the worst of the bunch. My husband was only watching a snippet and he said: "She needs to be institutionalized." Indeed. She is a mess. There were physical fights with her roommate, drama with Kieffer, and not one shot of Jace on this episode.

My favorite quote from Jenelle: "Now that I am paying child support to my mom, I need to get a job." Oh Jenelle, you complete and total train wreck.

All in all, it was a depressing episode.

Do you think Leah is being immature about money?


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