'Bachelor' Recap: 12 Signs Courtney Is This Season's Villain

We are a few shows in now and Bachelor Ben Flajnik's harem of women are already starting to fall in "love." This is always how it goes, but come ON ladies. Seriously? How long have you known him?

Kacie B. is kind of the worst offender of this. She is definitely being set up as this season's sweetheart and spends of her time mooning over the man she is in luuuuuuuv with after, say, five days.

I like Kacie. Who couldn't? But if she is his season's sweetheart, Courtney, the "doe-eyed Vegan model" (as Emily said) is this season's evil villain. She made Emily cry, she talks about everyone and she is only in it to win. Yes, that's Courtney.


I swear Courtney either has some kind of personality disorder or she was hired by ABC to be this season's evil bitch. If it is the latter, then she is succeeding 100 percent. Her lines are almost too amazing to even try to paraphrase. You simply have to hear (or read) them to believe them.

So here are 12 quotes from Courtney that are so villainous, you'd think a cartoon bad guy said them. Nope. Just the Court-meister.

  • "I think Kacie is cute and sweet...but kind of annoying."
  • "I'm gonna turn this group date into a one on one. It's going to be awesome."
  • "The other girls are pretty jealous and I am OK with that."
  • "I caught a fish and her head almost popped off and spun around...  She probably would have caught it with her bare teeth if she could have."
  • "It's so great to see Ben sending girls home. She was a little abrasive and she rubbed me the wrong way... He is making choices for both of us. Another one bites the dust."
  • "Don't poke the bear."
  • "Two is fun, three's a crowd...."
  • "I don't care what the other girls think. I deserve this."
  • "Winning...*eyebrow raise....Winning."
  • "I'm a nice person. Don't f*ck with me. I almost want to rip her head off.
  • "You look stupid Emily. Like seriously. I have a rose. You don't. Winning!"
  • "I was just there two months ago.." (said after Ben announced they were going to Puerto Rico).

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Do you think Courtney is this season's bitch?


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