'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: NeNe Is Asking for Trouble in Africa

Marlo HamptonMost of tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was just a bunch of build-up before the main event -- the ladies going to South Africa. There was Kim Zolciak's miraculous weight loss wrap, a bunch of mushy lovin' between her and new hubby Kroy Biermann, and some general pre-Africa preparations. It was all pretty boring, especially because what we really wanted to see was the ladies freak out when they found out Marlo Hampton was coming along.

Only that didn't come until the very final moments when everyone was already gathered at the airport ready to go. Then out of the blue, NeNe Leakes was all, oh wait for Marlo. MARLO?! The faces dropped and eyes popped out. NeNe didn't tell anyone that Marlo was even coming. It was such a rude move, and one done purely for drama.


"If Marlo comes, this could be good," NeNe said earlier in the show.

Also: "I can't wait until me and Marlo pull up to the airport together, the girls are going to gag," she said. "Drama!"

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So basically, that's why she's going on this amazing trip -- to cause drama. If she has that much animosity toward the rest of the ladies, then why not just go somewhere solo with her new BFF Marlo? They could have a fabulous time together ... until they started clawing at each other's throats (which I'm convinced is going to happen sooner or later). But instead she just set a course designed for maximum drama impact. Good for us viewers I guess, but a low move nonetheless. It's also one that's all too reminiscent of Miami. Remember when she invited Diana (aka "The Hulk") down there? And we all know how well that trip turned out.

Cynthia Bailey did know about Marlo coming, so I also question why she didn't tell Phaedra or any of the other women. Seems like that might have come up in conversation, no?

I do think that for all the drama that's being set up, however, Africa is going to be a healing trip for the woman. Oh, they'll have their issues, sure, as the previews promise, but I also think it may make them step back from their own self-centered worlds and put some of the silliness aside. Stranger things have happened.

Do you think it was totally rude of NeNe Leakes to invite Marlo Hampton without telling anyone? Do you think Africa will perhaps diffuse some of the tension between the ladies?

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