Steven Tyler Rocked the National Anthem & Did Patriots Proud (VIDEO)

Steven TylerThere were exactly two minutes of the big football game today between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens that I saw, and they consisted of Steven Tyler belting out the National Anthem. Decked out in Patriots apparel, he let loose and gave a raw, raspy rendition that was perfectly Steven Tyler. Bravo, I thought, then went about the rest of my football-less day.

Only now I hear that Tyler is being slaughtered for his performance. People HATED it. "Steven Tyler's scarf better than 'Star-Spangled Banner' rendition," says Yahoo! Sports.  "Watch Idol judge sing anthem then try to forget it," cries the Houston Chronicle. And from @DrewFranklinKSR on Twitter: "Steven Tyler's national anthem before the Patriots/Ravens game couldn't have been any worse if John Madden farted it through a harmonica."

Ouch. If you missed it, here it is:


I don't understand the outrage. Maybe if you have no idea who Steven Tyler is or aren't familiar with his music, it may be a little shocking. But what did people expect? He wasn't suddenly going to croon like Kelly Clarkson. He's a rocker, and I say he rocked it. Was it his best performance ever? No, but it certainly doesn't deserve the disdain it's getting.

The only real problem I saw was the little misstep around 0:53 where he says "As bomb bursting in air," which isn't quite right. It annoys me when performers don't know the words to this important song, but there have been others who have messed it up much worse.

For the most part, I say he did the Patriots proud. He set the tone for them to rock the Ravens, and that's just what they did. He's an American rock legend, and he gave a performance that was befitting of one in true Steven Tyler fashion. AND he looked fierce doing it.

What did you think of Steven Tyler's performance of the National Anthem?

Image via YouTube

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