'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Shows Up Her Co-Stars With Sexy 'Scandal'

Kailyn LowryRumor has it Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry is a "secret lesbian." Which is tabloid speak for "has dated a few girls along the way." Finally! Finally! Finally! We've got a star of the MTV parenting teenager series who knows how to do scandal right!

Because whether or not little Isaac's mom has really been dating girls on and off since her middle school days (the source is The Star, people -- we're talking measly little grains of salt), this may just be the nicest, most un-screw-up-your-kid-able thing that any of the Teen Moms have been outed for yet. Go Kailyn!


Just to clear things up: dating girls and dating guys doesn't make you a lesbian. It's actually called bisexuality; although the way Kailyn is described -- dating a few girls but saying she will probably end up married to a man in the end -- might better be described as "dabbling."

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But let's say she is a lesbian. So friggin what?

Compare this non-scandal to that of her co-star, Jenelle Evans, who was just arrested for the second time in two weeks, or co-star Leah Messer, who is already pregnant again at just 19, with a guy she started dating less than a year ago, and I'm calling this one for Kailyn. Whether or not she's got a girlfriend, she's light years ahead of her co-stars on the scandal scene.

And didn't we just see a new study come out that found kids raised by lesbian moms are just as well-adjusted as their peers, and more likely to fare better in situations such as separation or divorce? Good news for Isaac right there! With mama Kailyn separated from papa Jo since before his first birthday, he's already been through one split; he can use all the help he can get!

If Kailyn is dating other ladies, it doesn't mean her kid isn't getting fed, diapered, or -- this is the big one -- loved. It does mean that he has the potential to see his mom happy, which we all know is one of the keys to raising a kid who can have successful relationships down the line.

Do you care if Kailyn has a girlfriend? Does it really affect her ability to parent Isaac?

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