5 Reasons a Lisa Vanderpump 'Real Housewives' Spin-Off Will Work

Lisa VanderpumpWhen it comes to spin-off shows, I get leery. Sure, they work on occasion, but too often they just can't be sustained for long without the original cast and drama that propelled them to spin-off worthy levels in the first place. Case in point: Bethenny Frankel. But a new Real Housewives spin-off rumored to be in the works is so intriguing it just might work.

Word has it that Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be getting her own show.  While nothing is definite, a pilot has been taped, according to a "network insider." My first thought was Kyle Richards is going to be pissed she didn't get one, but that was quickly followed by brilliant! ...  in a crazy English accent in my head. 

Here are five reasons I think a Lisa Vanderpump spin-off just may work:


1. Her sense of humor. She's hilarious and not afraid to say what she thinks. Remember this one from season one about Kim? "It was all good fun, but Kim seemed much more reserved and much more on the outside. Maybe she went back to Witch Mountain." Plus, there's her accent. Let's face it, anything sounds better with a British accent, and her saying "bloody hell," always makes a bad situation better.

2. Her family. Reports say the show would include them as well. With Pandora a newlywed and Lisa's husband Ken a total crackup, they would provide plenty of fodder for good fun.

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3. Giggy! Seeing her dress up that dog, let him eat off china, and treat him as person might be annoying from someone else, but somehow when Lisa does it, it's charming ... or at least entertaining. He has his own agent, after all.

4. She's not that vital to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's entertaining to watch for sure, but she's never really in the heat of the drama. The show could go on without her, and she could go on without it. Though I hope she somehow works Brandi Glanville into her show, because they're hilarious together.

5. She wants to do it. I'm a little surprised she's as into it as she is. You'd think with all of that money, she'd rather just roll around in it or something. But a friend told the Huffington Post, this would be her "dream come true." And from what we've seen, when Lisa wants something, she does it big.

I say bring it on, Bravo.

Would you watch a Lisa Vanderpump spin-off show?

Image via Bravo

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