Camille Grammer Isn't the One Who Should Be Booted From 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills If during season one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bravo had announced they were cutting Camille Grammer from the show, I would have shouted a big hallelujah! I found her to be cold, vindictive, and a "morally corrupt hypocrite,"  but somehow this season, I think she's great. Like I'd want to be friends with her great. Weird but true, and I don't think I'm alone at all in that opinion. She's really grown on people. So why is it now that Bravo wants to give her the axe?

According to Rob Shuter at the Huffington Post, the network has already told Camille her chances of coming back aren't good, even though she'd really like to do it again. She told him: "I guess they decided who they want and I guess they are going to start casting, looking for new housewives. They told me they were going to start looking so it wasn't behind my back. They were like, 'Sorry we are doing a big casting call.' I was like, 'Thanks.'"


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What a huge mistake it would be to let her go. She's single and ready to date and mingle; she and Brandi Glanville are a hoot together; and she's not afraid to fight. There are several others who should definitely be shown the door long before Camille.

Of course, there's  Dana Wilkey, who I barely remember being there for anything other than to show off her $25,000 sunglasses and $1 million lollipop holder. I can't imagine any way in hell Bravo would ask her back.

But the real housewife who needs to go if anyone does is Taylor Armstrong. I didn't think she should be on the current season -- it was too much, too soon after the suicide of Russell. And recent reports that her friends think she has a serious alcohol problem and needs to go to rehab certainly point to the fact that she needs time to heal and to do what's best for her daughter. The show isn't good for her, and frankly, watching her is just painful. So hopefully it will be ta ta, Taylor.

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As for Kim Richards, I have mixed thoughts. She also has some pretty serious substance abuse issues, but she's reportedly gotten help and is doing well. She and Kyle's relationship is an interesting part of the show, and watching it evolve is a big draw. So seeing her go would be a bit disappointing, but if that's what she needs to do to stay well, then so be it.

The one person they MUST keep is Brandi Glanville. What fun she's turned out to be.

Would you be sad to see Camille Grammer axed from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Who do you want to see stay?

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