'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Kailyn SHOULD Have Support

Moving in and moving on was the theme of the evening on this week's episode of Teen Mom. Jenelle was moving out of her mother's house (about time!), Chelsea just moved into her new place, and Leah is struggling both with Ali's continued issues and her own desire to move.

Jenelle is just a complete mess. Yes, she has moved out of her mom's house, but her son is still with her mom and she "may" see him once a week. Isn't this show called Teen MOM? How is she a mom when she isn't even acting like one? This is especially true when you compare her to the other moms.


Chelsea and Kailyn are working their tails off to make money on their own, raise their children, and try to be good moms. Leah is working full time, taking care of TWINS, and dealing the repercussions of her daughter's possible illness. Meanwhile Jenelle can't go a day without marijuana and dwells primarily on her boy troubles. Just tell me again why we are calling her a "mom"?

"Moms" take care of their kids. They do the responsible thing and they fight for their children even when they're scared of the repercussions. This has been exemplified most recently by Kailyn. The biggest news of the night was Kailyn's decision to file for child support from Jo, which scared her because Jo has been very clear that he doesn't want to pay.

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It's hard to imagine how he possibly justifies NOT paying support for his child, but he seems to expect us to feel sorry for him. The fact is, Jo IS one of the better fathers on this show (though compared to Adam, Jeffrey Dahmer looks like dad material). He is involved with his son, sees him regularly, and clearly loves him (or at least his family does), but the child support isn't about any of that. It's about Isaac and Isaac needs it.

The girls have all faced the fact that their lives changed dramatically and for the more difficult when they had children, but the boys -- in many cases -- didn't. Jo claims he needs the $400+ to "work on his music," but the fact is, his "music" is taking a back seat now, just like all these girls put THEIR dreams in the back seat. It's the choice you make when you have a kid.

So yes. Jo owes money. It's for his child, not for Kailyn, and he is a cad for giving her a hard time about it. Child support is, in fact, a kind of parenting. For the non-custodial parent, it's a way to be involved and responsible, but anyone who knows anything about parenting knows it's far easier than being the custodial parent.

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Jo is lucky and needs to live up to his responsibility and not give Kailyn such a hard time. He may have been paying her before, but clearly it wasn't enough and keeping it all legal just simplifies the whole thing.

Do you think he should be paying through the courts?


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