'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Recap: Tori Has Mad Matchmaking Skills

Tori Spelling and Patti StangerIs there nothing Tori Spelling can’t do? On tonight’s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, "T" organized a séance/birthday party, threw a surprise baby shower, and did some serious matchmaking with her friend Patti Stanger.

First up, it was her mission to make a match for Ron, her “best friend in the whole world.” She determined that he needed a love intervention, and since she’s the perfect litmus test for the men Ron dates, she set out find him love. “It’s like a shopping spree for a husband,” she said. And, once again, it was bring on the gays.


Patti cut the guys left and right, and after a mingle session, Ron and Tori each chose one guy for Ron to go on a date with. Tori and her store manager, Sally Smoody, went on the date too ... incognito. In big floppy hats, they tried to observe the body language going on during the dates from the bar.

The first date with the guy Ron chose was over before it even began, but the second was a success. Of course, he was the one Tori chose, and of course she and Sally got busted by him when he saw her. But he was good natured about it, and he and Ron made a cute couple. Mission number one accomplished.

Then it was up to the rooftop for Sally’s surprise baby shower. The vintage bunny theme was adorable, and the whole thing was a really sweet gesture that seemed to mean a lot to Sally.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was also Tori's 38th birthday party that she threw for herself. The theme was scary. Everyone came dressed as a character from their favorite horror movie (Stella looked creepy!), and there was even a séance. The medium seemed to pick pretty obvious and safe observations -- like that Tori was missing her father and that she and Dean made a good team -- but everyone had a nice time in general.

It was Dean to the rescue, however, as Tori’s caterer canceled right before the event. Fortunately, Dean’s been attending culinary school and was ready for some real-world experience. So he cooked up a storm, and apparently did so quite well. He saved the day.

In the end scene, they talked about Dean’s sisters from whom they’re estranged. He wanted to connect, and you could see Tori’s wheels spinning about how to do the uniting. “I’m proof, it’s never too late,” she said. I’m sure that won’t be the last we hear of that mission.

Do you think Tori Spelling makes a good matchmaker? What did you think of the séance?

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