'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's Choice Is Already Obvious

Ben Flajnik seemed (briefly) during Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette like he may be a nice guy. He had all the emotion and talked about his dad's death and said he had not been in love in a very long time. I almost believed him. But oh, how we were all fooled. This season it has become painfully obvious that Ben is a complete stereotype.

The second these boys get on the show, they always start drooling over the hottest girl and forgiving her any trespass. Of course, it is always personal preference who the hottest girl is. Sometimes it is not the one you think (Vienna Girardi? Really?), but inevitably, guys will be guys and Ben is no different.

Has anyone else noticed that Courtney is A.) So obviously going to win Ben's heart and B.) A totally and completely terrifying psycho?


She may be beautiful (that is subjective) and she is certainly paid to be so, but wow is she psychotically evil. It is likely that she has gone through life believing women are mean to her because of her looks. But she is wrong. They are mean to her because she is INSANE.

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Seriously, she is not a nice person and she has always gotten away with it because she is beautiful and sexy. Sadly, the fact is, a beautiful woman can get away with a whole hell of a lot more than a normal looking women or a less cute woman. It is the sad fact of relationships and dating and as these women go to Ben and tell him how crazy she is, the more she will have him in the palm of her hand. 

He does not care that she is crazy. She is hot. Have we ladies not yet learned that the hotter the woman, the less dudes care? Seriously, until about the age of 40, if a woman is seriously smokin' she can get away with murder.

It is a sad awakening for her when she loses her looks (as we all do), but until that time all the Ben Flajniks of the world are hers for the taking. It is just a fact.

If women are catty about looks, this is why. Looks are power over men and Courtney will win for all the wrong reasons. The flip side, of course is this: She will not be his wife. They will be happy for a little while, have loads of sex and then end.

The hot girl may get the guy, but she rarely gets the full package unless she is a decent person to boot.

Do you think hot women always get their way in love?


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