'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Needs to Do Something About His Hideous Hair

ben flajnikThe Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, has a way with the ladies. His easygoing attitude, his warm smile, and let's be real, his winery have helped him win over the hearts of single ladies nationwide. And while Ben seems like a stand-up guy with a lot to offer, I question his overall self-awareness and sanity. Not because he's chosen to be on one of the cheesiest reality shows in the world, twice, no. It's because of his hair. That mousy mop on his head is so awful that I can only assume Ben's been blinded by the whitened teeth of his admirers and can no longer see the truth.

Which is where we come in. Ben. Ben Ben Ben Ben BenBenBen. We love you. And when you said in the first episode something about loving brunettes, we swooned and clutched our pillows closer to our chests. But we can't fall any deeper unless we do something about that atrocious '90s butt cut you're rocking. It's, in a word, repulsive.


Am I right? I cannot believe that women out there say that they love his hair. I can only assume they're lying or are sight-impaired because it's possible that Ben's is the worst hair offense since A.C. Slater's curly mullet on Saved by the Bell.

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It looks dry, matted, and completely ignored. It's a shame, because Ben's a good looking guy. He's just missing an opportunity to look his best with a nice, clean cut. He doesn't need to go all military on his hair, but let's cut off a few inches. We can keep some length, this would be a nice option for him, or this; anything to modernized this guy a bit.

I mean, we have to do something because nothing takes the heat out of the moment faster than realizing your mom and your boyfriend have the same haircut, and Ben's free-balling, doing laps, right there in that mood-killing water, unaware of his surroundings.

I'm afraid if he doesn't do something soon, I'm going to have to boycott the show. Maybe I'll start an Occupy Ben's Hair movement and camp outside his house with scissors and signs that read: Unite to Save Humanity and/or Sorry for the Inconvenience, I'm Trying to Save the World. Anything to get his attention and turn this mess around. I have a feeling I'm not the only lady willing to quit my job and stalk Ben for this hair raising issue -- I can't be the only one who thinks his 'do is a don't, right?

What do you think of Ben's hair?


Photo via abc.com

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