'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Needs to Stay in Jail

Jenelle Evans teen momAnother day, another arrest for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. For the second time in as many weeks, the North Carolina mom to little Jace tangled with cops, who booked her for allegedly violating a domestic order of protection. A little advice to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office: keep her there!

It's time Jenelle got a taste of the medicine she served up to ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp just a few weeks ago on the show that has made her a household name. Angry with Reefer Kieffer, she walked into the magistrate's office and filed domestic violence charges, saying jail was the only thing that could help him get his head straight. Now if only she'd remember that bit of advice and use it on herself.


It may sound cruel, but this girl is no longer some young kid who got pregnant too early. She turned 20 late last year, and she has yet to wake up to the fact that she's an adult. We can add today's arrest to the time she landed in legal trouble for a cat fight, the time she landed in legal trouble for smoking pot and squatting in someone else's house, the time she landed in legal trouble for violating probation, the time just last week she landed in legal trouble for harassing phone calls ... should I just keep going? It certainly seems like Janelle will until something drastic happens.

Every time she's supposed to be turning over a new leaf and getting her life straight, she plunges down another rabbit hole. We saw it on the show just this past week. Here Kieffer was in jail "straightening out," she was getting along with her mom, and she was promising to get off the pot. And she all let it go back downhill in one week of calling friends to beg them to get Kieffer out of jail and screaming at her mom rather than babysitting her own child.

Lesson learned there? Getting beat up by your boyfriend and having to drive him to jail is not enough of a wake up call for this girl. She needs something bigger.

Fast forward to today, and once again Jenelle looked like she might have figured something out. The new boyfriend proves she's finally done with the loser Kieffer, plus she's supposed to start college again on Wednesday. All great stuff ... and then along comes two arrests in a row!

Lesson learned there? As long as judges keep sending her home, they're sending her the message that she can get away with it all. Once again, she needs something bigger. And what's left? Jail time. It could be the only chance left to "straighten out" Jenelle Evans.

Do you see a judge actually putting Jenelle Evans behind bars this time? For how long?


Image via MTV

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