Arrested 'Bachelorette' Star Kasey Kahl Has No Reason to Smile (PHOTO)

On Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette, it was obvious that contestant Kasey Kahl had a screw loose. He was all, "I am going to get a psycho tattoo that says I will guard and protect your heart" and she was all, "You terrify me." Then on the last season of Bachelor Pad, Kahl really made himself look scary with then-girlfriend Vienna Girardi and their bizarre antics.

Perhaps the best Kasey Kahl story of all time, though, happened last weekend. The reality "star" and generally amusing punch line was arrested Sunday morning in California for drunk and disorderly conduct, but that isn't the funniest part.

The funny part is at left. Have you seen a more bizarre mug shot? He is so HAPPY. Dude, why? You were just ARRESTED. Oh wait, this is why he is happy. We are talking about him.


Kahl is a weird guy, there is no doubt. But he is kind of indicative of the kinds of people who end up on reality shows. We could ask which came first, the psycho or the reality show. But we know the answer.

Reality shows ferret out the crazies and they exploit that crazy for ratings and then set these psychos loose. Clearly there is something very wrong with Kahl, but hey, he is back in the news, right?

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Kahl's rep (he has a "rep"?) told People that Kahl was "shaken by the circumstances," but also "a bit confused as to what happened."

That isn't a look of confusion on Kahl's face to me. That is a look of "I know I am about to end up in magazines so I want to look hot." Seriously, what is he doing with his life? Is this the sad path of former reality stars? They just keep on getting arrested and partying until one day they just die?

It's really sad and after so many years of reality TV, it's something we ought to consider. Where do these people go? What becomes of the lost souls of reality TV besides littering tabloids with bad mug shots and the occasional drunk driving arrest?

Kahl better check himself before he wrecks himself. Unfortunately, it's already too late.

Do you think this mug shot is as funny as I do?


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