'Bachelor' Recap: Ben Made a Huge Mistake With Shawntel

Seriously, ABC, this season's girls of The Bachelor are by far the worst crop ever in the history of the show. That said, these girls bring good ratings because they are completely mad and make great television. All that said, tonight's drama all revolved around one woman in particular. It was all about Shawntel.

Who is Shawntel? It's a good question and one we can all be sure Ben's women were asking themselves (and Chris Harrison and the camera and the audience at large) over and over again.

Shawntel is the mortician from Brad Womack's season who wasn't the one with the same name who made it almost to the end (got that?). Apparently she had a thing for Ben Flajnik and boy did she flaunt it.


Though Ben promptly sent her home crying, her 10-minute presence didn't go over with the other ladies of the house and their reaction was worth the prince of admission.

Some women cried, Courtney got nasty and snapped at Ben after her rose, and poor Erika hyperventilated and fell to the floor in a heap. Personally, I expected more from a woman who has the courage to get an inside of the lip tattoo. I mean, that takes serious courage, right? Well, it at least takes insanity, which she (and most of the other women) seems to have an abundance of these days. 

The way these ladies responded to Shawntel's presence ought to tell Ben something about who they are as people and, more importantly, how confident they feel. Shawntel did nothing wrong.

Love isn't about "fair" or "right." It's about things no one can explain and she had every right to try to interest Ben herself. She wasn't rude to the women or catty. They did that all on their own. In fact, Courtney's reaction should have told Ben all he needs to know about the model with the sexy underbite. Clearly she can't handle competition, can't roll with the punches, and can't be particularly relied upon in times of crisis. These aren't very "wifely" qualities.

Unfortunately, Ben refused Shawntel's bail-out from the crazy ladies and he sent her home in tears. It was a bad decision. Still, there are a couple good women left. Kacie is cute and sweet and, more importantly, sane. Emily is a PhD candidate and seemingly intelligent and well-spoken. But the rest of these ladies? Yowza. Ben got some seriously frightening women this season.

Poor Shawntel. Public humiliation is never fun. She can rest assured, though, knowing she got away from the kind of man who keeps picking insane women. Who would want him anyway?

Do you think Ben should have given Shawntel a chance?


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