'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Shocking Confrontations & Bizarre Revelations

Kim RichardsWow, I’m not sure Bravo could have packed more tension and confrontation into tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if they tried. From Lisa Vanderpump having to kick out one of her waitresses, Scheana Marie, because she was Eddie Cibrian’s mistress, to Cedric Martinez, Lisa’s former “houseguest”, showing up, it was non-stop drama at the opening of Lisa’s new lounge, SUR.

Taking center stage, however, was Kim Richards and her extremely erratic behavior. If anyone doubted she had serious substance abuse problems before, tonight made it more than evident. From the mess of a hotel room she and creepy Ken managed to mangle while staying for just one night to her bizarre rantings to the camera in that same blouse with the big bow at her neck, it was all just scary and sad.


Then there was her digging through trash in the limo on the way to the party and removing her bra in the car because it was dirty. She was disoriented and disheveled, and whipped out her pink vibrator at every opportunity.

“My balance is totally off,” she tried to explain upon stumbling. “I haven’t slept that great, but I haven’t drank or [wild gestures with hands].”

After tackling Adrienne Maloof with glee, she let her in on her secret that she was leaving Ken, because he has "a very mean, bad side." That sounded far more serious than her earlier complaints about him ordering ham and sausage pizza when she likes pepperoni, dammit.

Adrienne found Kyle, who Kim had totally ignored upon seeing her for the first time since the whole Hawaii drama, and urged her to go talk to her. “Something is not right,” she told her.

Kyle was visibly devastated by Kim’s behavior and tried desperately to get through to her. Kim would listen for a minute and start divulging her emotions, then all of a sudden be distracted by the flower on the table. Then she dropped the big bomb that she thought she was pregnant because she was three months late. Kyle astutely told her it was probably menopause, but it was impossible to really get through to Kim about anything. "I'm gonna have a baby!" she insisted. 

Kyle was at a loss as to what to do. It seems like she really has done everything she can from supporting Kim to offering tough love. She seems like a really good sister, but there’s only so much someone can do for a person who won’t help herself. Fortunately, we know that Kim did eventually get help and entered into rehab. She's out now, so hopefully it will be enough. It will be interesting to see how much she talks about her problems and if her recovery will be featured on the show.

Meanwhile, inside, one of the only light notes of the event came when Brandi told Ken that she thinks he looks like a gay Bull Mastiff -- to his face this time. He wasn’t amused or maybe he was just confused. It's hard to tell, as he’s one strange dude.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Taylor Armstrong made her appearance. She was escorted by her therapist, which was weird enough, but the fact that her therapist encouraged her to do the big reveal she did at the party was just bizarre. What kind of a therapist thinks that’s an appropriate time and place to tell your friends you’ve been beaten by your husband?

Anyway, that aside, she broke down and told them all what’s she’s been telling them for months. “Things got physical, and I got hurt,” she said. The difference this time was that it was on the record and to all of them at once, so she can’t take it back. She also confirmed that her relationship with Russell was indeed over. She wanted to know she had their support, and after Adrienne and Camille made sure she took a little more ownership for how she’d treated them, they all forgave and bonded with hands in a huddle. Housewives united ... except Kim who was locked in the bathroom doing lord knows what. Oh, and Dana Wilkey -- what happened to her?

Next week is the season finale and Pandora’s big wedding. I hope for her sake that event is a little less dramatic.

Do you think it was crazy that Taylor and her therapist picked that party to open up about the abuse in her marriage? Do you think Kyle has handled Kim’s problems as best she could? Did this episode mentally drain you?


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