'Jersey Shore' Recap: Vinny Makes the Best Decision

Vinny and SnookiIt's not every day that the cast members of Jersey Shore make good decisions. In fact, those days are few and very far, far between. But tonight Vinny made an incredible one. I didn't think he'd do it, but he did actually leave the house.

It wasn't just his leaving that was so admirable either, because I'm pretty sure that's not the last we'll see of Pauly D's sidekick partying it up Seaside. But it was the real and honest look at his anxiety and depression he provided for which he deserves props.


While the rest of the crew was carrying on with work, partying it up at Karma, and hooking up with anyone they could catch, Vinny was very much in his own head. He talked with his boss from the t-shirt shop and explained that he's suffered from anxiety since he was 16, and at times it spins out of control and results in depression and insomnia -- the place he currently was. He knew the drinking and clubbing would only make matters worse, so he made the mature decision and left the house.

"I’ve been strong. I’m a fighter, but there’s no fight left in me," he said.

That took a lot of maturity and strength to do given the gig he has. Let's face it, getting paid exorbitantly to party and GTL all day would be a hard gig to walk away from for anyone.

While I didn't want to see him go, and none of the housemates wanted him to go for selfish reasons, for him it was the best decision. It was good, albeit sad to see. Poor Pauly D. "It sucks, what do I do now?" he wondered after Vinny left.

Now if only some of that maturity would rub off on Snooki. She was a mess tonight, totally wasted, spilling out of her clothing, and slurring nonsense about chicken cutlets. Jionni really may be the nicest guy in the world as he took care of her and hauled her ass home. She was all too nervous when he and Mike started cooking up a feast in the kitchen and Mike even gave Jionni underwear. It was tense for sure, and at some point, that "situation" is going to explode.

Funniest part of the episode: When Pauly D's hookup took his diamond necklace just so she could come back and return it the next day. Oldest trick in the book, and she was totally busted by the cameras.

Were you glad to see Vinny leave the Jersey Shore house?

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