'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea Tells the Truth About Teen Motherhood

Teen Mom 2 had a double episode Tuesday night because, well, it's just impossible to fit so much drama and pain into just one hour. The two hours included breakups, hair dye, terribly suspenseful test results, and yet another teen mom. It was a bit much.

Jenelle was back with Kieffer briefly after his cousin bailed him out of jail (ah, romance). The two rekindled the flame, but only long enough for him to dump her for talking to her ex. Drama! This precipitated the next 10 days of lying in bed, ignoring Jace, and generally acting less "teen mom" and more "get it together for the love of God you low-life loser." Honestly, this girl is a mess. Every promise she makes to get better is just a lie.

Meanwhile Kailyn, who actually IS responsible, is also dealing with her share of drama. Her car was totaled, she had no money, and she finally decided to file for child support (good!).


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Meanwhile Leah had to wait for scary genetic tests for her baby, and while the results were good, the process was terrifying and divisive for the parents. Is it any wonder they divorced? The fact is, being a teen mom is hard. Did anyone have any questions?

Actually, it seems Megan, Chelsea's friend, did miss that memo, and now, sadly, the girl is pregnant and expecting to keep her baby.

The scene between Megan and Chelsea was very sad for a lot of reasons. One is because another teen mom is just not happy news no matter how you slice it -- have these people never heard of birth control? But also, it's just sad when you tell someone you are going to have a baby and they aren't happy for you. In fact, even Megan seemed a little iffy on the whole enterprise.

With Aubree sitting between them, looking adorable, Chelsea tells it like it is. She says how hard it is and how much she wishes Megan had done it differently. The whole thing made me like Chelsea so much more. She is a very good, honest friend to Megan, but why can't she do the same for herself?

"What if he breaks up with you?" she asked her friend. The fact is, unless by some miracle they beat the statistics, he will, in fact, break up with her. She will be alone with the baby and it will be hard. "I just don't want to see you go through this," Chelsea said. And now she knows how her own father feels watching her go back to Adam again and again after seeing how badly he treats her.

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The true heartbreak lies in the fact that Chelsea is a good enough friend to see it for her friend, but lacks the self-esteem to see it for herself. She can't move into a better life with Adam still riding her coattails. She has to get the GED, finish up style school, and make her own way with her daughter in order to be a success story. And right now, she is mired in muck with her baby daddy.

Maybe seeing Megan will help her see the truth. One can hope, right?

Do you think Chelsea is a better friend to Megan than herself?


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