'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' Recap: Tori Can't Be Stopped

Tori SpellingJust watching Tori Spelling on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is exhausting. Pregnant or not, she takes on project after project and has an excess of energy and enthusiasm for each and every one.

This week she did so many things, it made my head spin. One moment she was preparing for her Royal Wedding Viewing Slumber Party, and the next she was sitting beside Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. She never even slept between the two events. Good practice for when the new baby comes I guess, but it was kind of painful to watch.


Then there was a dance recital for the kids, date night with Dean, a couple of magazine cover shots, a television interview, and a whole barnyard full of animals to care for at home. Phew! We knew she was a go-getter, but somebody better go get her a dose of relaxation because she's going to burn out at some point.

Toward the end of the show, she said, "Who says you can’t juggle work and family? And once you do, it’s the best thing in the world." Fortunately, she didn't try to make it all look easy, lest you want to step on her toes.

Rather she showed us her struggles along the way -- from genuine frustration over missing dance shoes minutes before the kids' recital (I SO know that feeling) to falling asleep during the royal wedding, she at least showed us she's human and that she's not some crazy mutant.

I also love that her kids aren't perfect, and we get to see that too. From crying in dance class to refusing to participate in a photo shoot, it's nice to see beyond the sweet, picture-perfect images we usually see of celebrities.

No wonder this show is in its sixth season.

Do you think Tori Spelling needs to slow down? Did you slow down during your pregnancies?


Image via Oxygen

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