Jon Hamm Shares 'Mad Men' Season 5 Premiere Date -- Even if AMC Won't

Don Draper on mad Men season fourIt has literally felt like 46 YEARS since we last saw Don Draper & Co., and even though we Mad Men fans love the '60s, that kinda time to go without our favorite ad execs is simply far too long. No thanks to all the head-butting that went on post-season four negotiations between Lionsgate, the studio that produces the Emmy-awarding winning drama, and its creator-exec producer, Matthew Weiner! But now, dreamy Don Jon Hamm has come to the rescue and assured us that we won't have to wait too much longer for the premiere of season five.

The show will return to AMC with brand new eps, the first of which will be directed by Hamm himself (niiiice) on March 25. Eeeeee!!! I'm relieved to hear our return to Drapertown is only about two months away. The only problem?


Freakin' AMC! They won't confirm or deny whether or not March 25 is the actual premiere date. They apparently want to keep us hanging.

Drrrr ... what the heck?! So annoying! It's been bad enough waiting, sitting around Googling for episodes to stream, then renting and borrowing DVDs, and eventually being able to watch on Netflix. It's been excruciating enough having our only Mad Men-related talk be about who the Ice Queen January Jones' new kiddo's father might be. Twiddling our thumbs and hypothesizing what the heck is going to happen with the NEW Mrs. Draper, aka Megan Calvet! But now that we have actual, solid word from Hamm himself, something we can actually work with, reason to have our hopes be sky high, AMC has to go and crush us with this whole, "We're not confirming anything ..." mishigas! Bahh!! Damn them.

What I'm saying is ... we Mad Men fans deserve better. We're loyal, devoted, and fired up for this coming fifth season! We could stand to be treated with a little more respect, doncha think? At the very least, start airing some reruns, huh, AMC? Give us a marathon so we can spend a Sunday hanging out with Joan and Peggy! Pretty please? Sigh.

With hope, the network will come to their senses soon and give us what we crave ASAP ...  or else ... ! Pfft. What am I saying? We're all still going to be tuning in on March 25. SQUEE!

Are you psyched for the new season of Mad Men?


Image via AMC

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