'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim & Ken Are Really Rude Party Guests

Ken Blumenfeld and Kim RichardsWe know what’s wrong with Kim Richards to explain her bizarre behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she went to rehab to deal with her issues. But what in the hell is wrong with her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld?

Perhaps he faces similar problems -- that would give them at least something in common -- but the guy is almost frightening. He mumbles incoherently, and when you can make out what he’s saying, it’s usually a bit bizarre.

He and Kim finally made it to Hawaii for Mauricio's birthday party after whatever it was that delayed them for 36 hours. They flipped through a variety of excuses from a lost driver’s license to a lost passport, before they finally settled on the reason that they were late: Because Ken had to work. Only Ken is retired. No matter, that was their story, and they were sticking to it.


Mauricio wasn’t willing to let their obvious lie slide, but trying to talk to the two of them was pointless. Kim just wanted to gloss over everything and pretend nothing was wrong and for Ken to drink coffee so he could rub her all night long. To say that watching them together makes one’s skin crawl is a gross understatement.

The next morning Kim and Ken were M.I.A. again, big surprise, as the group waited for them to go out for a day on a boat. They waited 20 minutes before Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle finally went to track them down. They found them still sleeping with some excuse about a wake-up call not working ... of course. Oh, and it was 11 a.m.

They scrambled to go and meet the boat, but they weren't fast enough, and it set sail without them. That meant the rest of them had a great time though. Kyle felt guilty as her sister stood there on the dock, but at least she didn’t demand the boat be turned around as I feared she might.

Kim and Ken went back to the hotel and had lunch while Ken plotted how he wasn’t going to sit back and take the group’s tormenting anymore. “There’s going to be respect or else ... if they can’t figure that out, that’s going to be unfortunate,” he said. Was that a threat, Ken?

Then after some more unintelligible mumbling, he declared, “And by the way, that’s the truth.”

“What?” a clearly perplexed Kim asked.

“What I just said,” he said.

So then he waited for his opportunity, and pounced when he saw one. Only it was totally inappropriate and seemed to weird out even Kim, which is hard to do. Kim was walking with Adrienne and Paul, and just when they were commenting on what a nice guy Ken is, he came storming out of the bushes. “I don’t like what’s going on here,” he said.

Everyone looked scared, and totally befuddled, and for good reason -- it was totally scary and befuddling. When they explained they were just saying good things about him, he backtracked a bit. “Then I may have misinterpreted ... in my own head. I do that sometimes.”

I think he may do a lot of things in his own head.

At the final dinner of the night, Kyle just couldn’t take anymore of Kim pretending everything was fine when there was a big fat elephant in the room. She tried to address her concerns once again, but the best dialogue she got was a ridiculous “We don’t care” from Ken.

It was sad for everyone involved really, and Kyle probably should have picked a better time than another group dinner to go into it. Once again, Brandi Glanville was the only one to even allude to what’s really going -- substance abuse. She nailed it too when she said that Kim would finally hit a wall and ask for help, which is what we know did happen. Reports today, however, said that after a month, Kim Richards has checked out of rehab. While she’s said to be doing well, I have to wonder if a month is enough to resolve what appear to be pretty significant problems. I hope so.

As for Ken, I don't know what he needs, but reports that he and Kim have split recently seem to be for the best. Like Kim says, "Everything happens for a reason," and there seems to be a good one here.

What I really want to know though is why Ken and Kim were actually late to the party. I wonder if we'll ever know.

Do you find Ken Blumenfeld bizarre? Do you think Kyle and Mauricio were wrong for calling out Kim and Ken?


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