'Bachelor' Recap: Blakeley May Be The Worst Bachelorette Ever

It's official, The Bachelor ladies have gone insane. "Boring" Ben Flajnik's season is shaping up to be the hottest, craziest and cattiest season in the show's history. Seriously, where did they find these women?

Ben's first date with the seemingly genuine Kacie B. went well, but it was full of emotion. They are back in Sonoma, which is an emotional location for Ben who lost his father. The date went well, but there were tears (Ben's). And as someone who lost a parent when I was young, I was sort of embarrassed for Ben.

Why would he choose to be so emotional on a first date? It just seems rather heavy for a first date. Still, he would do well to pick Kacie. Because the rest of the ladies? Are INSANE.


There is Blakeley, the hooker VIP Cocktail Waitress from North Carolina who is 34 and acts like she is 16. She earned the ire of all the women by being "so overtly ridiculous." I believe this is code for, "I am not comfortable with my sexuality so I will mock a woman who is." But then Blakeley spent a few minutes in the corner (get it?) crying over the mean girls. She is too old for these Reindeer Games.

Then there was Jenna, Miss Crazy, Drunken New York City Blogger. "I'm not a girl. I'm a man," she told Ben. What? Even Ben seemed perplexed and confused by her and methinks he has some high standards for insanity. She was one of the more emotionally unstable contestants in Bachelor history rivaling the woman who had the panic attack and went away in an ambulance and the chick who came back after she was dismissed to stalk The Bachelor.

Still, it was Courtney, the model from LA who stole the show. She is just cold hearted and mean. She makes Vienna Girardi look like a Rhodes Scholar feminist. "I always win," she tells the camera. And sure, she has that sexy overbite going on and she has a lithe and lovely body, but she is no prize. And she will think all women hate her because she is gorgeous. But that's not the real reason. They will hate her because she is mean. She is really, really mean. When she gets a date, she gloats and asks: "How did that feel coming out of your mouth?" She is one of the meanest ladies in show history.

It is hard to understand why a group of women who are so gifted in the looks department are so deficient in all the ways it matters. But I feel for Ben. He has very few good choices and will soon be broken up with whomever he chooses.

Then again, he is probably happier than almost any man in the world. Hot crazy women are every man's fantasy, right?

Do you think these women are awful?


Image via ABC

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