'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Absence Makes the Marriage Problems Clearer

Kris HumphriesFor some reason this week we got two 30-minute episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take New York instead of one one-hour version. Random, but okay. Between them both, the Kardashians and crew traveled the globe, and Kris Humphries just kept racking up the relationship infractions. While we didn't see much of Kim and Kris together in either episode, the things that happened while they were apart were the most telling.

First, while Kourtney and Kim took Mason to Connecticut for a sisters' weekend, Kris went to Canada without telling Kim. Oh, and he dragged Scott Disick with him too. It was a big drunken fest, with Scott totally out of control, but the biggest problem was that they didn't tell the girls. Twitter did.


Scott, surprisingly, got off pretty easy, with a small slap on the hand face. I don't think Kourtney knew how wasted he got, however. To me it was a big sign that no matter how nice they try to make Scott seem this season, he's still the same guy with the same big problems.

Kim definitely saw the secretive trip as a bigger problem with her relationship with Kris. "That is so shady of you," she told him. And it was. Really, not an e-mail, text or simple phone call just to let your new wife know where you're headed? It was a pretty deliberate act that he knew would piss her off. He did apologize in the end, but it wasn't with much sincerity at all.

The second episode built on that rift, and we saw Kim heading off to Dubai with Kris Jenner. Kim was relieved to be escaping her husband and found a sense of peace in Dubai with her hordes of adoring fans and camels. No camel toe.

Back home Kourtney and Khloe were trying to bond with The Hump, but having no luck. The guy shows so little personality it's amazing, and he pretty much ignored all of their efforts to get to know him. From quizzes to pranks (OMG, that snake!), their efforts were shot down. When he moped miserably about the zoo that was a final, clear sign that he had no intention of putting any effort into the relationship with Kim's family. Not good, especially considering how close Kim is to them.

On the way the way back from Dubai, Kim finally opened up to her mom about her misgivings about her marriage. When Kris asked her if she was looking forward to seeing her new husband, Kim's answer was, "Not really."

There’s something in my relationship that I just feel isn’t right. I’m learning a lot of things about him that I  didn't know before. Is it normal?

Instead of telling her that all couples have ups and downs, Kris immediately told her that no that's NOT normal, and that she and her husband were obsessed with each other every single moment and that people should be like that for at least 10 years.

That made it pretty clear about how Kris felt about Kim's marriage. Nothing tempered like maybe you need to talk, maybe a therapist could help, or every relationship is different. Just, yep you've got a problem. Gee, thanks, mom.

We all know where this is headed, but it's painful to watch it get there nonetheless. One thing is for sure, however: Both Kim and Kris at this point have totally lost that loving feeling ... if they ever even had it to begin with.

Do you think Kris and Scott were out of line to go to Canada without telling Kim and Kourtney? What did you think of Kris Jenner's reaction when Kim told her about her marriage misgivings?

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