'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Should NOT Be Pregnant Right Now

Say what you will about Teen Mom Jenelle Evans or Teen Mom Amber Portwood. Neither of them is so insane to add another baby to the mix of problems. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Leah Messer. The Teen Mom 2 star is rumored to be pregnant and getting married, according to Us Weekly.

True or not, the 19-year-old star really needs to slow it down for a moment or two. She has 2-year-old twins, born when she was just 17, and she only recently divorced their father. There is simply no reason to jump into yet another baby and another marriage before she is even 20.

Of course it's nice to have siblings that are close in age (assuming this is her reason), but it's also nice to move slowly in matters of love and child rearing; otherwise, you risk catastrophe. She has already done it once, so why do it again?


It's odd, too, because Messer seems to have one of the better heads on her shoulders. But just like Maci on Teen Mom, Messer seems hell bent on pushing things forward at breakneck speed. Maybe that is why both girls ended up as teen moms in the first place.

The fact is, Messer has decades of fertility left and plenty of time to focus on her girls and help them make better decisions. She can eventually fall in love, marry, and have more kids if she wants them. There is just no reason to do it now.

Even if she wants the kids to be close, even one year would make a difference. This just seems, assuming it's true, like an impulsive decision and one that is bound to backfire. Sure, maybe she will prove me wrong and I will eat my words, but so what? Even if they do make it longer than she and Corey did or even if they last forever, there is still no reason she needs to do it right now.

What happened to independence or enjoying freedom or even to focusing on her babies solely for a little while. It's her life to manage, but it just seems like she might be better served if she waited a little while and focused on herself.

If it's the truth, then so be it. But if not, maybe she will reconsider and wait a bit before puling the goalie and making yet another big leap too soon.

Do you think she is rushing it?

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