'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea Should Surrender Her Fantasy

Teen Mom 2 is getting better this season. Or maybe just this one episode was better. Between Chelsea, Jenelle, Leah, and Kailyn, it seems like there is finally some sort of independence going on for the girls.

Don't get me wrong. Jenelle was still a mess crying over Kieffer and the fact that no one would bail him out of jail on Christmas. She should have taken that as a sign (never mind that abusing her was the reason he was there in the first place). Of course she didn't. When it comes to Kieffer, Jenelle is a bit slow on the uptake.

Meanwhile, the other girls were similarly confused. Chelsea and Adam SEEM to be doing better. He has a job and is trying to be around. But he is still a raving jerk in many ways -- laughing when his baby falls over, saying he doesn't like Chelsea's father, grunting responses to all questions. In fact, with the exception of Leah, every one of these girls would be better off alone.


Chelsea, in particular, seems to be dying to give her daughter the two-parent home she never had. And while I get it -- it's hard to imagine what it must feel like to always have to shuttle between two parents -- it's also just not possible with Adam. He seems dangerously cold and mean. He withholds affection, can't communicate, and doesn't treat Chelsea OR Aubree well. He really needs to go.

Then there is Jenelle. Kieffer isn't even the baby daddy and he is one serious jerk who needs to go. His drama affects Jenelle and not in very good ways. When he is around, she can't focus on school or her baby or anything else. When he isn't, she goes in the right direction. So which is better? Obviously, she needs to be alone right now.

Kailyn's boyfriend Jordan seems OK and she is definitely doing the best with her independence, but even she could use some help in that department.

Even Leah and Corey, who I think should stay together (and whose breakup makes me sad), focused on this idea of the perfect two-parent home at the twins' birthday party. "They have mommy and daddy here," Leah said proudly. And while she is right that it's an accomplishment, there is nothing to suggest that being alone is always worse.

Maybe it's because my husband and I are in love and happy after 11 years. But I honestly can't imagine staying with someone just because I thought it was better for the kids. The reason we are together is love. We love each other and enjoy each other's company and are better together than apart. The same can't be said for these girls. So what's the point? Why bother?

The fact is, Chelsea and Jenelle would both be doing much better if they just let those boys fly. Chelsea's boyfriend is a jerk at best and possibly even dangerous. If she surrendered the fantasy, she would have much to look forward to with her daughter. For now, there is very little and the future looks bleak.

A two-parent home IS the ideal. But so is waiting until you're done with college and in a career before having a baby. They're already forging new ground and they would be much better off doing it alone.

Do you think Chelsea and Jenelle need to lose their men?


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