'The Bachelor' Premiere Recap: Ben Flajnik Brings Massive Drama

What would a new year be without a new Bachelor? And here we are two days in and The Bachelor is back already. Rejected Bachelorette alum Ben Flajnik is back for more rejection and, in spite of myself, I am sucked back in again already.

This season seems like it will be full of intrigue, cattiness, and bold-faced lies. From the first night, it's clear that Ben is actually sane and all 25 of the women he has to choose from are insane.

The highlights of the first night included cat fights, lesbian advances, and mad drama. But it was the LIES that made me the most crazy and, admittedly, drew me in for yet another season.


There was, of course, the "model" who claims other women are jealous of her and catty. But Courtney was the most catty and evil of them all. Yes, my money is on her taking home the final rose (mark my words), but that doesn't make her any less of a bee-yotch.

Then there was Rachel who is just "a typical small town girl ..." from New York City. Come ON. She may have grown up in a little town in Massachusetts, but the small town vibe is way, way gone.

The lying continued, of course. There was Lindzi who received the "first impression rose" because she "seems sincere" and yet her age claim -- 27 -- is just preposterous. Not to be all birther about it, but I would need to see a verified birth certificate before I would buy she was a day under 35. Plus, why do both Lindzis spell their name in this made up way (the other one is Lyndsie)? And she isn't the only one.

Kacie also claims to be in her 20s, 24 to be exact. She looks more like 34. This isn't the first time, either. Time and again on this show, my husband and I are convinced the ladies are lying about their age and this season is no exception.

But lying about age is mild compared to the dramatic fireworks on this episode. There was Jenna -- the insane blogger from Loveland, Ohio by way of New York City -- who either spent hours in the bathroom crying or provided the editors with a great opportunity to creatively make her look like a raving psycho. It looked like maybe she would go home after her theatrics, but somehow she made it in the final stretch (and got the last rose).

Still, Jenna's line to Monica (one of the other contestants she inexplicably decided to hate) will go down in Bachelor history. What Jenna meant by “maybe we could share a tampon” when she said it to Monica we may never know. But what she said was so insane and so over the top, we will always remember it.

Say what you will about Flajnick, but boring this season is not. In spite of everything I have come to believe about the show, this season looks compelling and highly dramatic. It could even be one of the best.

What did you think of the premiere episode?


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