New 'Bachelor' Sneak Peek Teases More Ben Flajnik Heartbreak (VIDEO)

Ben Flajnik BachelorBen FlajnikAlright, fans of The Bachelor, are you ready for tonight's premiere? It's finally here! Are you ready to see Ben Flajnik brush off his Ashley Hebert rejection from The Bachelorette and go full force toward finding true love in this new season? I sure am! But man oh man, the latest teaser makes it look like that isn't going to happen for Ben. Oh no!

Okay, reality show sneak peeks are, by design, constructed to "tease" us and imply all kinds of drama and fun. Indeed, the latest preview for the new season of The Bachelor does just that! I don't think I've ever seen so much "snot-filled, mascara-smeared girl bawling" in one season premiere sneak in my life. And I've seen A LOT. However, of most concern, will Ben be left broken hearted at the proposal "altar" AGAIN?!!


WATCH The Bachelor sneak peek:

Oh wow, that ending is pretty heavy handedly suggesting that Ben is going to propose to a woman who is going to turn him down. Dear god, not again. Sure, it could just be fancy editing from the producers, designed just to make us THINK that's what will happen. However, if Ben is going to get rejected again, on national TV, I don't know if I can bear to watch.

When Ashley Hebert stomped on Ben's newly opened and love-filled heart at the end of last season, it was almost too much to handle. It was so obviously excruciating for him (or he's a pretty good actor). Total heartbreaker for viewers, too -- even though I totally wanted Ashley to pick J.P., I just also wanted some sort of happiness for Ben. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy and total score for the right bachelorette.

No promises here, though. If this season messes with Ben's heart (they proved they could do mean-spirited and do it well with Ashley and that whole ABC-orchestrated Bentley ploy), I might have to change the channel. I swear; this time I really mean it, ABC!

Do you think Ben Flajnik is going to get rejected again? Can you bear to watch?


Image via ABC

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