'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Kris Humphries Goes Out of Bounds With Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban and Kim KardashianIs Jonathan Cheban gay? That was the big question on tonight’s episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York? After last week's big book fiasco, he's clearly being given a bigger role on the show, and what better way to stir up some controversy/publicity than playing the whole gay guessing game.

Seeing as how the Kardashian family discusses pretty much everything in graphic detail and are the TMI queens, it's hard to believe that Kim had no idea what the sexual orientation of her BFF was. Not even the most self-absorbed person would really never think to ask about her best friend's dating life. I mean c'mon.  So I can't say I blame Kris Humphries for thinking it strange that no one really knows if Jonathan likes boys or girls. He truly didn't seem to care either way, he just wanted to know ... at first.


When Kim attempted to broach the subject (and changed in front of him to see if he was turned on), Jonathan ducked the issue (and failed to flinch when she whipped off of her top). Instead he made her feel bad for him by confessing that he’s never been in love before with anyone.

Jonathan did eventually say he was straight, sort of. At least he said he had a date with a girl that night. And that's where Kris should have stopped and moved on. He got the answer Jonathan wanted to give, and that should have been enough. 

But, like Kris seems to have a strong tendency to do, he kept going long past the point at which he should have called it quits. Even after Jonathan said he was going on a date with a girl, Kris was still convinced he was gay and was on a mission to make him admit it. They got into a heated spat, and then Kris really pissed him off when he asked Jonathan's date if she thought he was gay.

"Be honest with me, did you think he was gay when you met him?" Kris said to the tall, model-looking girl with no evident hint of a personality.

Out of bounds for sure, though the bounds are so blurry and usually non-existent when it comes to the Kardashian clan, he may have lost some perspective.

In the end, Kris apologized for his insensitivity, and Jonathan accepted and admitted that people do have weird impressions of him. He also admitted that he likes to be a little mysterious. That's fine, but if you're going to beg such questions, which he seemed to relish doing, you can't get that offended when people try to find the answers.

And finally, if we needed any more proof that 30 minutes is long enough for this show, there was the whole Kourtney couponing story. That plus Scott Disick’s impulse purchase of a baby grand piano were beyond ridiculous. For real. Bible.

Do you think Kris Humphries was out of line tonight in questioning Jonathan Cheban's sexuality?

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